Our Approach

At Creative Spinels, children learn concepts by “doing activities and experiments” that are connected to their everyday life, rather than simply watching someone else do it.

Our story

Motivated by limited learning resources when growing up, limited exposure to experiments, the future and power of technology and the need to have our children exposed……, and great gap divide need to have children Janet has had a…

Our staff

The Founder – Janet Thiong’o has a passion for teaching children and instilling a natural love towards STEM. She believes that early exposure and teaching technique are all key in raising the love for tech in our country and Africa as a whole.

Janet has been in the Technology field for 10 years. She has worked in sub Saharan countries and is currently the marketing manager for Sub Saharan Africa. She is passionate about Technology, Children and Youth.

She is the Assistant Board Chair of Junior Achievement Africa and a mentor in various organizations including Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders. She is the founder of Parenting with Ease, a program that connects and enables parents on parenting topics.

Our trained instructors are graduates in various fields of STEM including Information Technology, science educators, medical students, engineers and innovators (think innovation hubs). They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about deepening their students’ understanding of science.